Alcoholic Architecture

Drink with a difference at Bompas & Parr's breathable cocktail cloud bar

Bompas & Parr's newest bar sits within the Victorian walls of a Borough Market basement and guests to Alcoholic Architecture are invited to don a suit of protective clothing and quite literally soak up the atmosphere.

Marrying mixology with meteorology, the humidity of the chamber—that is the amount of alcohol vapour present—will play a crucial role in enhancing the sensory experience. Humidity will be at 140 per cent: intensifying flavour perception and enabling the ‘breathers’ to consume 40 per cent less alcohol than liquid form, with the same effect. Indeed, such is the density of this cool cocktail cloud, seeing even a metre in front of your face through the mist will prove almost impossible—adding intrigue to intoxication, and concentrating the entire focus on the flavour, feeling and smell.

Those eschewing the cloud for a more conventional cocktail experience can head straight to the bar, where cocktails will complement the cloud flavours, and ingredients will be sourced as much as possible from the Market. Indeed, the Market and the surrounding area has been a major source of inspiration to Bompas and Parr. Not only is Southwark Cathedral—the UK’s earliest gothic cathedral—around the corner, inspiring the faux medievalism-meets-Miami-deco style of the bar space, but an ancient monastery lies beneath the site giving rise to the (delicate) use of Chartreuse, Benedictine, Trappist beer and even the notorious Buckfast in the cocktails.

Tickets here 

Monday–Tuesday, 6pm-10pm, £12.50 
Wednesday–Thursday, 3pm-5pm, £10; 6pm-10pm, £12.50
Friday–2pm-4pm, £10; 5pm-10pm, £12.50
Saturday, 12pm–10pm, £12.50