Borough Market Cookbook Club

A club for anyone who loves good food, good cookery books and good company

Borough Market’s Cookbook Club is for anyone who loves good food, good cookery books and good company. If that is you, then sign up (for free) to join the club and you will be eligible to come along to our small, friendly Cookbook Club events held in The Cookhouse at Borough Market.

Each event has a landmark cookery book chosen as its theme. Club members who book a ticket will be asked to pick something to make from that book, cook it at home and then bring it along. Then, over drinks supplied by the Club's supporter Borough Wines, we’ll all spend a few hours sharing each others’ food and our experiences of cooking from the book.

The Borough Market Cookbook Club is organised and hosted by food writer Angela Clutton. She has written on food and drink for a wide range of publications, features as the food historian on the latest series of BBC's Rip Off Britain, Food, and is co-Chair of The Guild of Food Writers. At each Cookbook Club event, Angela will be cooking her chosen dish in The Cookhouse for members to share, and giving some background and insight into the book and its writer.

Anyone is welcome to join the Cookbook Club—whether you are starting your cookbook collection with the club’s chosen book, or have shelves and shelves given over to cookery writers; whether you’re an experienced cook, or just starting out.

Tickets to the regular Cookbook Club events are £8 each. A limited number of free places are reserved for each club event for our neighbours in SE1.

How it works:
—Join the Cookbook Club by emailing cookbookclub@boroughmarket.org.uk with your name, home address and email address.
—Once you have joined, we’ll email you back with your membership number and details of how to book to attend events. That will include how to let us know what dish you’ll be making and information about the loyalty card for Cookbook Club and other membership benefits.

Antonio Carluccio: The Collection by Antonio Carluccio
Saturday 27th January, 12:30—3pm

Antonio Carluccio was a titan of Italian cooking, whose influence on how we cook and eat Italian food is immense. From the eighties, when he took over Neal Street Restaurant in London, right through to his unexpected death late in 2017, he worked to get us all to cook well, with creativity, simplicity, and respect for produce.

That first restaurant—where he cooked for countless celebrities and Jamie Oliver got his first cheffing job—led to the Carluccio Caffés, several television series and his many books, opening the door to ‘real’ Italian food experiences for many Brits. Antonio’s motto was “Minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour”—an ethos the Cookbook Club members will try to capture with recreations from this book of more than 300 of his best recipes: from antipasti, pasta and risotto, to meat, fish and dolci.

Kaukasis by Olia Hercules
Saturday 24th February, 12:30—3pm     

It is a rare and exciting thing when a new voice in food writing breaks through with an approach that is truly different to what has gone before—yet Olia Hercules has done just that. Her recipes and writing are rooted in her Ukrainian birthplace and influenced by her family heritage, which weaves across eastern Europe and western Asia. Olia’s first book, Mamushka, was a breakthrough hit—and its follow-up, Kaukasis, has featured in many 2017 end of year round-ups of the best new cookbooks.

Kaukasis takes us on a culinary journey through Georgia, Azerbaijan and beyond, allowing us to explore the lesser-known culinary traditions of these countries, through Olia’s eyes and appetite. It is a book full of insight and romance—and, crucially, heaps of wonderful recipes for beautiful, hearty, life and soul-sustaining food.

Curry Easy Vegetarian by Madhur Jaffrey 
Tuesday 20th March, 6:30—9pm 

Britain in the 1950s and 1960s is—for good reason—not thought of as a time when the UK was cooking and eating with flair or flavour. Certainly, Madhur Jaffrey found the food more than a little dispiriting when she arrived in London from India in the late fifties, so she began to write to her mother back in Delhi for recipes. Over the following decades, Madhur changed how we as nation think about and enjoy Indian food.

Madhur’s first book, An Invitation to Indian Cooking, was published in 1973 and is still in print. She has written more than 15 cookbooks and a memoir, which enchantingly evokes the food and memories of her childhood. Curry Easy Vegetarian is one of Madhur’s more recent publications—and offers so much more than the title might suggest.

A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes by David Tanis
Tuesday 17th April, 6:30—9pm 

David Tanis is the first American food writer to feature at Cookbook Club, and we couldn’t be in better hands as we take this culinary stride across the ocean. A chef for 30 years—including with Alice Waters at the iconic Chez Panisse in California—his recipes and writing take inspiration from his travels across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

David has a weekly column in the New York Times, which showcases his passion for the simple, seasonal home cooking—what he calls “real food”, which is just the kind of food to be found in A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes, with its seasonally-based menus, all intended to be served family-style. This book was featured in The Guardian’s list of top 50 cookbooks of all time.

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