Borough Market Cookbook Club

A club for anyone who loves good food, good cookery books and good company

Borough Market’s Cookbook Club is for anyone who loves good food, good cookery books and good company. If that is you, then sign up (for free) to join the club and you will be eligible to come along to our small, friendly Cookbook Club events held in The Cookhouse at Borough Market.

Each event has a landmark cookery book chosen as its theme. Club members who book a ticket will be asked to pick something to make from that book, cook it at home and then bring it along. Then, over drinks supplied by the Club's supporter Borough Wines, we’ll all spend a few hours sharing each others’ food and our experiences of cooking from the book.

The Borough Market Cookbook Club is organised and hosted by food writer Angela Clutton. She has written on food and drink for a wide range of publications, features as the food historian on the latest series of BBC's Rip Off Britain, Food, and is co-Chair of The Guild of Food Writers. At each Cookbook Club event, Angela will be cooking her chosen dish in The Cookhouse for members to share, and giving some background and insight into the book and its writer.

Anyone is welcome to join the Cookbook Club—whether you are starting your cookbook collection with the club’s chosen book, or have shelves and shelves given over to cookery writers; whether you’re an experienced cook, or just starting out.

Tickets to the regular Cookbook Club events are £8 each. A limited number of free places are reserved for each club event for our neighbours in SE1.

How it works:
—Join the Cookbook Club by emailing cookbookclub@boroughmarket.org.uk with your name, home address and email address.

—Once you have joined, we’ll email you back with your membership number and details of how to book to attend events. That will include how to let us know what dish you’ll be making and information about the loyalty card for Cookbook Club and other membership benefits which include a complimentary Borough Wines refill bottle carrying the bespoke Cookbook Club label, to use at their Borough Market stand.

Upcoming events include:

Time by Gill Meller
Wednesday 18th September 6:30-9pm / Wednesday 25th September 6:30-9pm

Award-winning food writer Gill Meller has distilled into Time the essence of his approach to food and cooking: how time spent in the kitchen with good ingredients makes for the best possible way of life. The recipes and the images in this beautiful book move through the course of a day and the seasons of the year, going from freshness and light to comfort and warmth.

As Gill says in the introduction, they are recipes inspired by seasonal ingredients and a love of simple cooking. This is joyous food from a chef, food writer and teacher who has worked closely with River Cottage for more than 12 years. Gill writes for numerous publications and his first book, Gather, won the Fortnum & Mason Best Debut Food Book Award in 2017. Time: A Year and a Day in the Kitchen was shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers Awards 2019.

Appetites by Anthony Bourdain
Tuesday 8th October, 6:30-9pm / Saturday 19th October, 12:30-3pm

If you know anything about Anthony Bourdain, it will most likely be for one of these things: his best-selling, gloriously gritty Kitchen Confidential, a chef’s-eye exposé of the reality of restaurant life; his food and travel TV shows, which celebrated culinary cultures across the world; or just his general public persona as either ‘wild’ or ‘charismatic’, depending on your point of view.

It is unlikely to be for this collection by Bourdain of his home-cooking recipes—but it is this book that gives a greater insight into what Bourdain was really like, behind the celebrity. He describes it as being full of “things my mom fed me, things I liked or loved to eat during the happier moments of my life—the kind of food memories I like to share with my daughter—along with a few greatest hits from my travels and some boiled-down wisdom.” Finding out what the Cookbook Club makes of Anthony Bourdain should be as fascinating as it will be delicious.

Samarkand by Caroline Eden and Eleanor Ford
Saturday 2nd November, 12:30-3pm / Tuesday 12th November 6:30-9pm

Samarkand in Uzbekistan is often described as a “crossroad of cultures” and it is there that this book’s culinary journey across central Asia and the Caucasus begins. Caroline Eden (whose most recent book, Black Sea, has been scooping-up accolades aplenty) brings her experience of travelling through the region and combines it with Eleanor Ford’s exotic yet approachable recipes.

Samarkand was a Guardian Book of the Year in 2016 and went on to win the Guild of Food Writers Food and Travel Award in 2017. The Daly Telegraph described it as “a book to delight food lovers, travel hounds and history buffs alike.” It’s a sure-fire bet that it will absolutely delight the Cookbook Club, too.

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