Demo Kitchen: Angela Clutton

A month-long exploration of sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami with Cookbook Club host and author of The Vinegar Cupboard, Angela Clutton

The words ‘taste’ and ‘flavour’ are often used interchangeably, but in fact ‘taste’ refers specifically to those five familiars: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and—most recently—umami. Flavour is more sensual; a hedonic symphony of taste, aroma, and texture. To continue the music analogy, if taste is the stave, flavour is the notes that dance across it. The five tastes, then, are the building blocks upon which all food and—by extension—cooking is built.

In a month-long residency, Angela Clutton—Borough Market Cookbook Club host and author of The Vinegar Cupboard—will explore each in turn, kicking off on Thursday 2nd May with salty, followed by sweet on Friday 10th, sour on Thursday 16th, umami on Thursday 23rd, and bitter on Thursday 30th.

Angela’s menus:

— Pissaladière
— Pomegranate margarita
— Pork, pak choi and soy broth
— Salted dark chocolate mousse

— Beetroot carpaccio, sherry vinegar and orange
— ‘Risi e bisi’ 
— Honey-baked feta with quick-pickled rhubarb on toasts 
— Buttermilk creme caramel
— Daiquiri

— Deep-fried fish with lemon 
— Roasted asparagus with lemon butter
— Soused mackerel salad 
— Orange curd pavlova 
— Corpse reviver 

— Parmesan with balsamic
— Purple sprouting broccoli and anchovy pasta 
— Burgers with tomato ketchup 
— Chorizo-stuffed squid
— Bloody mary

— Pan-fried cod with crisped ginger, bitter leaves and nasturtium flowers
— Wild mushroom risotto with 100% dark chocolate
— Fennel puree 
— Affogato
— Negroni

Demo kitchens take place from 1-2:30pm in the Market Hall and are free to attend, with tasters, cooking tips and recipe cards to take home