Demo kitchen: Art of the Natural Home

Rebecca Sullivan is an eco-agronomist, activist, food writer, urban farmer, entrepreneur and home cook.

Passionate about heritage, preserving traditions, and passing on a wealth of 'granny skills' to future generations, Rebecca will be joining us for her demonstration kitchen debut, to promote her new book, The Art of the Natural Home. 

From the kitchen pantry to the cleaning cupboard and from your makeup bag to the medicine cabinet, Rebecca has taken inspiration from her grandmother’s generation, and put together a compilation of valuable recipes for life. 

She'll be sharing some of those with us, adapting them to the ingredients she finds in Borough Market on the day of her visit.  Crafting something natural for every room in your home, Rebecca's recipes and remedies will include:  


Floral air freshner

Spray and wipe


Garlic and lemon tonic

Honey and floral toner

Herb body scrubs

Join Rebecca for dozens of tips, samples and ideas of natural recipes for the entire home, on Friday 12th May in the Market Hall, 12:30-2pm