Demo Kitchen: Caribbean cuisine

BBC Cook of the Year winner Deirdre Woods is back with a bang

Deirdre Woods, winner of BBC Cook of the Year 2016, is back in the demonstration kitchen on Friday 5th August. Dee, a volunteer cook at the Granville Community Kitchen in South Kilburn, will be cooking a selection of Jamaican inspired recipes, using fiery seasonings, spices and sauces from our trader Pimeto Hill. With her chilled out vibes and vibrant dishes, Dee will be bringing a true taste of the Caribbean to the Market and we can't wait. Yeah mon, everyting gonna be irie!

Her menu will include:

Jerk Burgers

Ital Callaloo

"Hell a top, Hell a bottom and hallelujah in the middle - Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding"

So come and join Dee 12.30-2pm on Friday 5th August in the Market Hall, for some big inspiration, tips and tasters, all served alongside some of her favourite reggae music gems.