Demo Kitchen: Fish out of water

We’ve lured chef Luke Robinson from his kitchen at Evelyn’s Table - Blue Posts, where he presides behind the counter of one of the hottest openings in town.

To mark the one-year anniversary since the introduction of our water fountains, Luke will be joining us at the Demo Kitchen for a demo with water at its core. His menu will look at fish or crustaceans from different types of water, such as fresh, salt, brackish, warm water and cold water.

His menu will include:

- Brackish water: Tiger prawns, with confit garlic and lemon
- Salt water: Plaice with seaweed butter sauce pickled onions and samphire
- Warm water: Roasted octopus, egg, potato, runner bean salad
- Fresh water: Cured trout, soy dressing, cucumber and yoghurt

Join Luke for tips, tastings and recipes Friday 24th August in the Market Hall from 1-2:30pm