Demo Kitchen July residency: The canny cook

Running every Thursday in the Market Hall, Borough Market’s Demonstration Kitchen residencies focus on a particular theme each month. This month: Cooking on a budget with chef Jenny Chandler

For the next month Jenny Chandler will be in the demo kitchen offering tips on how to make the most of the Market’s more economical options, reducing waste and cooking up delicious thrifty dishes with absolutely no sense of deprivation. The Market is, perhaps, less commonly associated with frugality and yet, with a bit of nous, she'll be showing you just how the savvy shopper can eat fantastically well on a budget. 

Demos are free to attend, with tasters, cooking tips and recipe cards to take home, so come and join us!

Thursday 4th July, 1-2.30pm

Nose to tail, root to fruit

- Crisp chicken skin with fried peaches & bitter leaves
- Chicken escalope with parmesan and parsley crust
- Chicken jalfrezi with foolproof basmati rice
- Summer minestrone with carrot top pesto

Thursday 11th July, 1-2.30pm

The savvy store cupboard

- Courgette, feta and chickpea flour fritters 
- Halloumi saganaki with honey, dried figs and fresh apricots
- Pasta with anchovy, fried breadcrumbs, capers & sultanas
- Jarred beans + chorizo, sultanas and green olives

Thursday 18th July, 1-2.30pm 

Swap it up

- Puy lentil and aubergine - poor man’s caviar!
- Chimichurri onglet and griddled vegetables 
- Mackerel & watermelon ceviche
- Red pepper and runner bean salad with a chipotle dressing 

Thursday 25th July, 1-2.30pm 

Pizzazz on a shoestring

- Pink pickle: red onion, radish, mustard seed and ginger pickle
- Coriander stalk, lime and pecan pesto
- Vegetable crips
- Teriyaki Beef meatballs with summer vegetable slaw
- Raspberry and almond financiers