Demo Kitchen: Midweek suppers

When you need to cook something for your family but are short on time, Indian food may not be your go-to cuisine. After all, we think of curries and dals as taking hours to prepare.

Showing us the error of our ways, Chetna makes a return to the Demo Kitchen cooking a range of Indian midweek suppers that won't leave you slaving over a hot stove for hours and will please the whole family. 

Her menu will include:

- Beans and new potato sabji with cumin and coriander
- Onion and tomato red lentils finished with ghee, garlic and chilli tempering
- Lemon, curry leaf and sambhar masala rice
- Spicy quick prawn curry

Join Chetna or tips, tastings and recipes Friday 3rd August in the Market Hall, 1-2:30pm