Demo Kitchen: Real Bread Week

6-14 May is Real Bread Week, celebrating all those independent bakeries producing fabulous, additive-free bread and encouraging us to get baking at home too.

This year the Campaign is specifically encouraging its supporters around the world to run classes on baking fougasse – an easy to master Real Bread that lends itself to shape making, from a classic leaf design, to funny faces.

As a result chef, author and food writer Jenny Chandler will be showing you how to make her own version of fougasse as she returns to the demo kitchen next Friday, as well as four other delicious dishes:

Jenny's menu will include:

Panzanella using yesterday’s fougasse

Bread and butter pudding (with lots of dried fruits, spices, rosewater) using old white bread

Pan con Tomate, using old sour dough

Skordalia using old sourdough and served with seasonal crudites

Join Jenny for dozens of tips, tastings and ideas on how to use your loaf at on Friday 5th May in the Market Hall, 12:30-2pm