Demo kitchen residencies

Borough Market’s Demonstration Kitchen residency is back! Running in the Market Hall throughout the year, we’re going to have the chance to tap far more deeply into our chefs' vast repositories of culinary knowledge.

Each Thursday lunchtime the Demonstration Kitchen will be taken over by a chef or food expert, giving us the opportunity to explore their specialisms in far greater depth than ever before.

This month’s residency aims to help novices and keen photographers alike improve their food photography skills.  Who better to guide us to the perfect image than talented food and portrait photographer John Holdship, accompanied by some of your favourite chefs

Thursday 4 May 12.30-2pm
Light, camera, action!

Tony Rodd, Masterchef finalist and private chef joins John to pay homage to home grown asparagus with a masterclass in cooking the noble spear in a variety of delicious dishes on well dressed plates

Key photography techniques:

The use of natural light and reflectors - thinking on your feet and making the most of opportunities as they present themselves - tools to control light

Thursday 11 May 12.30-2pm
Focus and perspective

Chef Phil Juma, founder of Juma Kitchen joins John to cook his modern interpretations of authentic Iraqi dishes

Key photography techniques:

Choosing the right lens (macro, zoom, wide angle) - focusing on the subject - perspective and its impact

Thursday 18 May 12.30-2pm
Styling and propping

Food writer and Borough Market Cookbook host Angela Clutton is in the kitchen with John, revelling in the experience of Market shopping and taking her menu inspiration from the best of the produce on the stalls

Key photography techniques:

Choosing the correct colour pallet for the shot - backgrounds, materials and props - simple table setups

Thursday 25 May 12.30-2pm
Editing and workflow

Chetna Makan, a finalist in The Great British Bake Off finalist and popular YouTube cookery presenter celebrates her heritage with a menu packed with Indian flavours and techniques

Key photography techniques:

Highlights and shadows - editing for Instagram - tips for editing on the computer and managing workflow

Join John for tips, tastings and recipes every Thursday in May in the Market Hall, 12:30-2pm.