Guest traders in the Market

The lowdown on the latest pop ups

Each month the familiar faces at the Market are joined by a rotating roster of exciting new guest traders, from vegan Vietnamese street food to purveyors of specialist teas. Each will be here for a few weeks only—so you’ll have to be quick to catch them.

Eat Chay
14th January—present

Eat Chay serves up indulgent plant-based food inspired by Korean and Vietnamese flavours (‘chay’ means ‘vegan’ in Vietnamese). Choose from barbecued seitan with kimchi, sriracha ‘mayo’, and crispy onions, or soy ‘chick’n’ bao with pickled carrots and sweet chilli sauce, either in a billowy bao bun—and a noodle salad alongside, should you be particularly peckish—or atop a bibimbap rice bowl with beansprouts, pickled daikon, seaweed, spring onion and gochujang sauce.

Eaten Alive
28th March—20th April

Fermented foods are having something of a renaissance in London of late. If you’ve still not quite gotten round to making anything for those kilner jars yourself, let Glyn and Pat of Eaten Alive do the work for you, whose all-natural ‘live’ pickles—meaning they’re salted and fermented at room temperature, rather than in vinegar—are made in the capital. Alongside the usual kimchi and ‘krauts, you’ll find all manner of pickled fruits and vegetables: from ‘umeboshi’ (sour pickled plums), to 12-month miso buried garlic, and brined purple carrots spiced with fiery jalapenos.

Happy Eating House
28th March—20th April

Unless you’re blessed with a specialist supermarket nearby, it can be tricky to pick up what feels like authentic Asian ingredients—especially ones with a recognisable recipe. Danni of Happy Eating House set out to rectify that problem: born in South Africa to Chinese parents, her frustration at being unable to buy locally produced products that resembled the food of her childhood led her to create her own line of MSG, preservative and additive-free cooking sauces, including the familiar black bean and hoisin, alongside her own creations such as Chiu Chow chilli oil.

Tea Shirt
4th—27th April

Tea Shirt’s carefully curated selection of specialist global teas are selected for their superior quality—be it a novel blend of cacao shells and green rooibos, as in Chocolate Cloud, or smoky pu-erh Royal Palace. Those and several of Tea Shirt’s teas have won Great Taste awards, and in 2018 they bagged the Golden Fork award for Small Artisan Producer of the Year. Their eco credentials are as well-considered as the quality of their products, packaged in 100 per cent biodegradable pouches, with labels made from recycled paper and glued with non-toxic adhesive. One for the tea gourmand.

Fussels Fine Foods
17th—20th April

Andy Fussels’ rape farm has been in his family for decades; the techniques for sowing, cold pressing and bottling Fussels’ rapeseed oil honed by generations of farming know-how. It’s an exceptional product in its own right—nutty, creamy, and extraordinarily versatile, thanks to its high smoke point. But when Andy took over the farm, he decided to go one step further toward honouring the fruits of the family labour and created a range of dressings, mayonnaises, flavoured oils and vinaigrettes: from traditional classic mayonnaise and chilli-steeped rapeseed oil, to gooseberry and elderflower vinaigrettes and English herb dressing.

Good Game
24th—27th April

The trio behind Good Game make everything by hand in Devon, using nothing but locally sourced meats—reared or shot themselves, or from neighbouring farms/ by neighbours—salt, and natural Exe and Clyst Valley air. For four days only, they’re bringing their wares to Borough, including salt beef, coppa ham, pancetta and pepperoni.

Luscombe Drinks
24th—27th April

Using organic fruit and zero artificial additives, sweeteners or concentrates, the Luscombe family blend and bottle their all-natural soft drinks in Devon. Drinks include an array of flavoured tonics—meeting the woefully underserved demand for a decent gin partner—sparkling fruit ‘crushes’ and flavoured sodas. The packaging is 100 per cent recyclable to boot.

1st April—4th May

While most of us are familiar with the delights of sushi and ramen, those that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Japan are likely left in the dark when it comes to naming many other traditional dishes. Enter Pochi, and its mission to bring off-the-beaten-track Japanese fare to London. Using classic techniques and the freshest of ingredients, Pochi will be bringing to Borough the likes of ‘nasu’, fried aubergine marinated in zingy soy-vinegar sauce and sprinkled with sesame; ‘kakani’, or braised pork belly with spring onion; ‘buta’, soy-ginger pork mince with Japanese mayo; and tofu-mushroom stir fry with teriyaki sauce. All dishes come on a bed of pillowy rice and with a side of ‘sozai’ carrot, fine beans and crunchy pickles.

The Beefsteaks
8th March—31st May

London markets regulars The Beefsteaks will be joining the Market’s ranks for two months, popping up on Rochester Walk with their popular steak sandwiches—think Ginger Pig beef with sticky red onion jam and crisp watercress on a crusty Viennese roll—and steak frites (the same juicy meaty goodness, but piled atop triple cooked maris pipers from Ted’s Veg), topped off with your choice of classic, freshly made sauces: béarnaise, peppercorn, chimichurri or horseradish cream.

Watch this space for news of who will replace them