Rumination on mastication dinner

Here's something to tickle your taste buds, a unique dining experience Rumination on Mastication will be taking place in the Market Hall on 24th November, 6.30-9pm. The evening will allow people to chew the cud with oral cavity experts over a few tasty morsels, to get the juices flowing.

This pop up will allow people to sit down and ‘break bread’ with experts, indulging in one of the vital performances of the body, chewing and exploring themes and subjects that have been delved into during the season. A menu celebrating the mouth’s most quotidian motions will guide you to Breathe, Taste, Cleanse and Chew, pushing you to embrace the mouth in new ways as you consider the sensitive and essential organ.

With a unique menu developed by Blanch and Shock, this isn't your usual eating experience. The evening will also feature a live performance by Gobsmacked winner Munya Chawawa of his poem ‘The Cave’.

Intrigued? Buy your tickets here and if you want a sneak peak of the menu then you can find that here.