Top of the Pips!

To mark our annual Apple Day celebrations on Sunday 23rd October we will be debuting the world’s first apple based electronic symphony.

A listening post will be set up in the Market Hall giving shoppers the chance to hear a symphonic rendering of the growing and ripening process of this seasonal fruit. This ever-changing symphony has been created by measuring the elements that dictate how quickly apples grow and ripen, including; soil nitrogen levels, air temperature, sunlight, rainfall – taken from a British apple orchard. Using this data, sound artist Andrew Consoli has established a pattern to link musical elements to the ripening process itself – creating a unique track.

To reflect the developing sweetness inside an apple during the ripening process, the track follows this transformation by opening with natural sounds of the environment, evolving into a melody. Additionally, mimicking the traditional apple harvest, the piece features 145 beats per minute to reflect a traditional harvest which takes 145 days from start to finish.

The sound of fruit grown in British orchards including varieties such as Duke of Devonshire, Honeygold, Fiesta and Topaz, have been used as the basis of the composition which aims to engage the public with the nation’s favourite fruit and encourage them to put aside their imported Galas and Braeburns to sample varieties grown in Britain.

The track will be unveiled on Apple Day, so do come along and have a listen!