Young Marketeers’ Celebration Sale

On Wednesday 21st November, Borough Market will hold its second Celebration Sale, bringing children from London’s diverse communities together through food.

Primary school children with backgrounds spanning the world will set up stall in the Market to sell cakes, breads and pastries they have made to celebrate their cultural heritage.

The sale follows a training day where the children discussed the diversity of Southwark, drew on their heritage and upbringing to come up with ideas of baked goods from around the world and toured the market, talking to a range of national and international traders about why food is such an important part of their identity, and listening to the stories behind the products that they sell.

The Celebration Sale is part of an ongoing partnership with food education charity School Food Matters. All proceeds from the Celebration Sale will go to FareShare, an award-winning charity providing meals for Londoners in need of support.

Join us in the Market Hall from 11am-1.30pm, on Wednesday 21st November and show your support for our young marketeers.