A traditional Turkish dessert from The Turkish Deli

It’s 11am. It’s the first five-day week in ages, lunch isn’t for two hours and the overripe banana that’s been sat on your desk all week just isn’t going to cut it—enter baklava from The Turkish Deli, the unabashed sweetness of which could give you enough of a sugar rush to see you right through till 3pm.

Baked fresh every morning, The Turkish Deli’s baklava is a world away from the dry, long-life versions often found in this country. “I bake it myself here at the stall,” says owner Graham, “and it keeps a maximum of three days—though it usually sells out by about 2pm!”

Traditionally, baklava is made using a mix of filo pastry, sugar and pistachios, but at The Turkish Deli there are four nutty creations to choose from: pistachio, hazelnut, almond and walnut. “I personally like the hazelnut best,” says Graham. And we’re inclined to agree.

Lip-smackingly sweet
The flaky filo practically melts onto the tongue, before giving way to a rush of silky, oozing, lip-smackingly sweet syrup, with just enough of a hazelnutty edge to prevent any hint of sickliness.

“In Turkey, we have a small piece after dinner with kaymak, which is Turkish clotted cream, with a strong coffee”—here we had a big piece, mid-morning, with a cup of tea. Worked just as well.