Borough Market’s approach to coronavirus

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Business as usual with steps taken to mitigate risk

While we are monitoring COVID-19 developments on a continuous basis, Borough Market is open for business as usual. The Market continues to be a vibrant, well-stocked source of exceptional produce.

However, the wellbeing of our traders, customers and staff is our primary concern, and as a result we have taken measures based on advice from the appropriate authorities.

Following guidance from Public Health England, we have taken the following steps to mitigate any risks:

— Increased the frequency with which we disinfect the Market space

— Provided additional hand washing and sanitisation points throughout the Market for both the public and our traders while also visibly promoting NHS hygiene advice

— Ensured that all traders and staff are advised on the correct actions if they are exposed to, or develop symptoms consistent with, COVID-19

— Drawn up detailed contingency plans to ensure we are in a position to act quickly and effectively should official advice change

These actions are in line with what the government deems a “balanced response” to the latest developments. With these actions taken, we hope that you will continue to enjoy shopping at Borough Market.

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