Cherry streuselkuchen

A Germanic treat from Artisan Foods that combines the best of two of our favourite desserts: cake and crumble

If, like us, you have ever dreamt you could have your cake and eat crumble, then wake up and smell the streuselkuchen: a Germanic treat which quite literally translates as crumble cake, and is available at Artisan Foods.

It is, as you’d expect from a German-born baked good, exactly what it says it is: a cake—soft, yielding, studded and stained with plump sour cherries—scattered with a generous, buttery crumble topping. In a nod to his adopted country, however, founder and head baker Klaus Kuhnke has added custard—yellow as a picture-book sun, richly squidgy and sweet, which we heartily applaud.

“The base has all the usual ingredients, like flour, sugar, egg and milk,” says Iris. “However, we also add German cheese curd and vanilla to make it yummy.” This is less disconcerting than it sounds: German cheese curd refers to quark, a fresh dairy product made by warming soured milk until it curdles into something akin to cream cheese.

Seductive scarlet flesh
For the cherries, it’s the perfect pairing. What with British cherries now swelling ripely through the fields of Kent, ‘tis the season to eat anything and everything involving the seductive, scarlet flesh of this summer berry. “Enjoy it as it is,” advises Iris, “warm or cold, with a cup of tea or coffee perhaps.” What with custard, cream cheese, crumble, cake and cherries going on, to add an accompaniment would be a borderline criminal gilding of the culinary lily.