Come, shop, leave

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A updated user’s guide to shopping at Borough Market in light of Covid-19

Despite the challenging circumstances, Borough Market remains open from Monday to Saturday, with the usual trading hours. If you live near the Market or are still required to come to work in the vicinity, think of us as your alternative open air supermarket, well stocked with fresh produce and other essential foods. 

As you will appreciate, though, we have had to introduce social distancing measures. All we ask is that you adhere to these simple guidelines, designed to ensure that this remains a safe place to shop and work. We are all in this together, and we each have a vital role to play. Here’s a quick guide:

— As Government restrictions are easing we are able to open up more of the Market: there will be more traders operating and  limited hot food and coffee will be available for takeaway only (consumption strictly off site). 

— Green Market and Three Crown Square remain open but have been repositioned to meet social distancing guidelines.

— If we’re busy, you may be asked to queue to enter the Market, so please be patient.

— The Market is open every day of the week apart from Sunday. To keep weekend numbers at a manageable level, it would be very helpful if you could come to do your shopping on any day other than Saturday. 

— You will be actively asked to stand two metres apart from each other. Guides are being marked on the ground to help you do so. If a stand gets too busy, you may be asked to come back when it’s less crowded.

— You’ll be asked to come, shop and leave. Service will be friendly but fast. Our traders usually love a chat, and they will again in the future, but for now speed and safety are of the essence.

— The riding of bikes has never been permitted within the Market area but we must be particularly vigilant during this period. Customers may fold and carry folded bikes but full sized bikes will need to be locked to the bike racks on the perimeter of the Market before people enter the Market trading area. Leave at your own risk. 

— All communal seating has been removed. Please don’t linger to eat anything you buy here, no matter how nice a day it is. Enjoy it at home instead.

— Please don’t come in groups any larger than strictly necessary for you to buy the essentials you need. The fewer bodies here, the safer everyone will be.

— During Market opening hours, Jubilee Place is now reserved for customer parking for those who are unable to travel here via public transport. Parking is free.

— Please pay with cards if at all possible.

— In addition to our usual extensive cleaning practices, particular attention will be taken to ensure touch points, including door handles and table surfaces, are wiped thoroughly with disinfectant.

— We are encouraging the use of paper and cotton bags and packaging wherever possible, as evidence suggests the virus remains viable for less time on porous surfaces than it does on plastic.

— Please try not to pick up and put down items of produce while you are shopping. Most importantly, ensure that you wash any uncovered purchases when you get home, and—of course—wash your hands thoroughly before and during cooking. 

— Usually we would be happy for people to bring reusable cups and containers, but for now we would ask you to refrain from doing so.

— Keep your distance, but be kind and don’t be afraid to share a nod and a smile.

While it is of course vitally important that you avoid unnecessary travel, our small, independent traders can provide you with the essentials you need to get you through these tough times. They in turn will be hugely appreciative of your support. 

Our delivery service, Borough Market Online, offers an alternative way for customers to access Market produce. The option of a doorstep drop service allows it to be received without contact with couriers.

As things stand, this is the current list of traders operating in the Market. This list will be updated daily:

Stands Three Crown Square:
Alsop & Walker
Bath Soft Cheese
Blackwoods Cheese
Borough Olives
Borough Wines
Bianca Mora
Chegworth Valley
De Calabria
Elsey & Bent
Fitz Fine Foods
Furness Fish Markets
French Comte
From Field & Flower
The Gated Garden
Ginger Pig
Le Marche du Quartier
Northfield Farm
Olive Oil Co
Paul Crane
Paul Wheeler
Pimento Hill
Shellseekers Fish & Game
Spice Mountain
Taste Croatia
Tea 2 You
Ted’s Veg
The Parma Ham & Mozzarella Stand
Turkish Deli
Une Normande a Londres
Wild Beef
Wyndham House Poultry
Stalls Green Market:
Artisan Foods
Black Pig
Cinnamon Tree Bakery
Cracker Kitchen
Flat Cap
Freefrom Bakehouse
Food & Forest
Greedy Goat
Gourmet Goat
Karaway Bakery
Nanna Fanny's
Palace Culture
So Chocolicious
We Juice It

26 Grains Stoney Street
Neal's Yard Dairy
Wright Brothers
Rabot 1745