Enjoy late night shopping throughout December

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See our full Christmas opening hours, including late night shopping

To make Christmas shopping as convenient as possible, we’re going to be trading every day from 23rd November until the very last knockings of Christmas Eve. And starting on 3rd December we’ll be staying open until 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Measures are in place to make shopping at the Market as safe and stress-free as possible:

Borough Market Christmas opening times 2020  

Monday 23rd November: 10am–5pm
Tuesday 24th November: 10am–5pm
Wednesday 25th November: 10am–5pm
Thursday 26th November: 10am–5pm
Friday 27th November: 10am–6pm
Saturday 28th November: 8am–5pm
Sunday 29th November: 10am–4pm

Monday 30th November 10am–5pm
Tuesday 1stDecember: 10am–5pm
Wednesday 2nd December: 10am–5pm
Thursday 3rd December: 10am–9pm
Friday 4th December: 10am–9pm
Saturday 5th December: 8am–5pm
Sunday 6th December: 10am–4pm

Monday 7th December: 10am–5pm
Tuesday 8th December: 10am–5pm
Wednesday 9th December: 10am–5pm
Thursday 10th December: 10am–9pm
Friday 11th December: 10am–9pm
Saturday 12th December: 8am–5pm
Sunday 13th December: 10am–4pm

Monday 14th December: 10am–5pm
Tuesday 15th December: 10am–5pm
Wednesday 16th December: 10am–5pm
Thursday 17th December: 10am–9pm
Friday 18th December: 10am–9pm
Saturday 19th December: 8am–5pm
Sunday 20th December: 10am–4pm

Monday 21st December: 10am–6pm
Tuesday 22nd December: 10am–6pm
Wednesday 23rd December: 8am–6pm
Thursday 24th December: 8am–4pm
Friday 25th December: Closed  
Saturday 26th December: Closed  
Sunday 27th December: Closed

Monday 28th December: 10am–5pm
Tuesday 29th December: 10am–5pm
Wednesday 30th December: 10am–5pm
Thursday 31st December: 10am–5pm
Friday 1st January: Closed
Saturday 2nd January: Closed
Sunday 3rdJanuary: Closed

Monday 4th January: 10am–5pm