Friday feeling: apple streuselkuchen

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A traditional German treat that sees two favourites—apple crumble and cake—rolled into one

Even the name is comforting: one of those jolly German words you can’t help but repeat to yourself over and over, like a small child learning to speak. ‘Streuselkuchen’. We dare you to say it without smiling, then stride directly to Artisan Foods to find out just what exactly it means.

“It is a crumble cake,” offers Sam at the stall. “It’s apple crumble, on a cake base.” So far, so simple. Yet like any great bake, streuselkuchen is greater than the sum of its parts thanks both to quality and freshness of its ingredients, and the skill with which it is made.

The cake is soft, slightly squidgy, and yielding, with chunky slices of seasonal apple embedded snugly inside it. The salty-sweet, melt-in-your-mouth crumble—dappled light brown from baking—is buttery, but crunchy enough to justify its evocative name.

Surprisingly light
“Streuselkuchen is a traditional Germanic treat,” says Sam, “made with different fruits at different times of year.” He likes it because it’s “surprisingly light” and can be enjoyed as a pudding “with custard, warmed up with ice cream” or as an afternoon treat with a cuppa. We like it because it is two puddings rolled into one, provides the perfect platform for the apple (autumn’s finest fruit and the end of summer’s chief consolation prize) and because even just saying the word ‘streuselkuchen’ has the power to brighten anyone’s day.