Friday feeling: white chocolate and peanut butter blondie

A gluten-free treat for lovers of peanut butter

There are, frivolously speaking, two types of people in this world: those who shovel peanut butter straight from the jar, and those who despise it. Those in the latter group (you’re still here? After the headline?) spare yourselves the repugnance—this is emphatically not for you. It is for those who love peanut butter—with a pure heart, a tablespoon and the sort of devotion that sees them ladling the stuff onto everything from stir fries to chocolate bars. It is for people who regard a white chocolate and peanut butter blondie not as secondary to the classic brownie, but the unsung champion of tray bakes.

Heavenly concoctions
It is “a crunchy peanut butter blondie studded with white chocolate chunks and whole peanuts,” says Jasmine of The Free From Bakehouse, who works in the kitchen creating these heavenly concoctions. It is “satisfying but not too heavy”—partly on account of it being wheat-free. Baked fresh every day, it is rich without being sickly, thanks to a thoughtful ratio of peanut butter to white chocolate; the crunchy salt of the former providing the perfect counterpoint to the creamy sweetness of the latter. It’s a classic for a reason: one of the stall’s original products, its popularity has never waned despite The Free From Bakehouse’s growing number of tasty alternatives.

Pairing it proves momentarily problematic, it being caffeine o’clock, but the issue is easily resolved. Though too salty-sweet for a coffee or an English breakfast tea, it is the perfect companion to a cup of earl grey. And perhaps a little supplementary spoonful of peanut butter.