Lemon moon biscuits

Crescent-shaped lemon and almond biscuits from Konditor and Cook

We don’t know whether Konditor and Cook baker Gerhard Jenne ever saw the classic advert in which a perverse teacher taunted her class by eating a popular brand of biscuit to illustrate the phases of the moon. His German heritage, and the fact the advert aired in 1995, makes it unlikely—but imagine, just for one moment, that he did. Imagine that, having watched ‘Miss’ force the class to chant “full moon”, “half moon”, “quarter moon” as she bit her way through the biscuit, gloatingly licking the last crumb off her lips with the words “total eclipse”, he took pity on the children—and decided to bite back with his own superior treat.

Inevitable eclipse
Cue Gerhard’s lemon moon biscuits: a pack of small, crescent-shaped biscuits topped with a moon-white meringue layer and laced with fresh lemon. “They’re delicious because they are made with ground almonds,” enthuses store manager Sophia. “They go well with both coffee and tea.” These are not full moons. Nor are they half-moons, or quarter moons. They are crescents. A total eclipse, though, is very possible—indeed, inevitable, once you’ve started to munch one.

The chances are Gerhard created the treats on the simple basis that moon-shaped biscuits are attractive—“These actually look great as a table decoration,” points out Sophia—and the combination of rich, sweet almonds, lemon and meringue is pretty darn good. Still, when you’ve grown up empathising with a dozen cute kids watching their teacher snaffle a whole packet of biscuits without sharing even one, all in the name of education, one can’t help but dream.