Peanut butter fudge tart

Intense ganache and caramel, encased in a pastry crust and topped with crunchy peanuts

Times, they are a changing. Gone are the days when those with a penchant for peanut butter had to resort to a sugar-laden sun-related brand if they couldn’t be bothered to grind it themselves. These days small artisanal companies like Butter Nut in Borough Market are pulsing nuts of the finest quality, and lacing them with such intriguing flavours, such as turmeric and maple syrup.

Over at Konditor and Cook, head baker Gerhard Jenne favours a more classic combo: peanut butter and chocolate. Of course, the peanut butter remains of the highest possible quality, but if you’re looking for a health fix, you might want to look elsewhere.

Peanut butter fudge tart

This is the sort of tart you would devour, whole, after a messy breakup. It is the arch nemesis of your arteries; the Waterloo of your waistline—and, therefore, one of the most scrumptious treats you could possibly find in Borough Market even at this, the most gluttonous, time of the year.

Salty sweetness
“It is a tart, with a proper crust,” explains Erica of Konditor and Cook. No flimsy excuses for pastry here, this base means business. Buttery, biscuity, crunchy on first bite then melting into salty sweetness, it is the perfect backdrop to luscious layers of peanut butter, chocolate ganache and caramel. A sprinkle of salty shards of peanuts takes the edge off the sugar rush, and completes the picture.

“It is really rich. Not super sweet”—Erica assures us—“but certainly rich. You wouldn’t want loads of it.” One slice will do one person happily, three if you’ve willpower—though I defy anyone to not want more than their fair share.