Raspberry fudge

Summertime encapsulated in fudge form

The problem with fudge is, no one wants it when it’s hot,” laments Justine, owner of Whirld. “It’s just too sweet and rich.” Sure we can all tuck into buttery bites of rum and raisin on a frosty winter’s walk, but in summer? Give us ice cream! Give us smoothies! Give us fruit!

So Justine obliged; and, after several weeks of testing berries and peaches, pineapples and plums, alighted on two flavours: mango, and the raspberry which caught our eye this week. “Raspberry works well because you need something strong to counterbalance the richness of the fudge.”

Think raspberries and cream—or better yet, think raspberries, cream and that extra spoonful of sugar you used to sneak on as a child, despite your parents’ protestations that ‘raspberries are sweet enough!’ Imagine smooth cubes of garnet-coloured scrumptiousness nestled in an evocative red and white stripped paper bag.

Piquant and punchy
“They’ve been really popular. I think I’ll keep them through autumn and winter,” she continues. After all, we’ll want some cheering up once the days grow short and the wind starts biting; and what better way to do that than with the tastes of summertime, pink, piquant and punchy—perfectly preserved in a sweet.