Sweet and savoury biscuits

Full-flavoured organic biscuits made in Barcelona, brought to us by Brindisa

One expects great things from a biscuit: crunchiness, butteriness, dunkability if sweet or the ability to marry well with cheese and chutney if savoury. One thing we do not expect, however, is for a flavoured biscuit to really taste like the flavour it claims: for a strawberry biscuit, flecked unconvincingly with artificial pink, to taste like real strawberries for example.

You can imagine our surprise, therefore, when biting into the jazzily branded ‘lime after time’ lime biscuits from Brindisa we tasted—well, lime. Fresh, zesty lime, which tingled on the tongue as the crumbs crunched and melted and sent citrus waves across our taste buds. Baffled, we tried the ‘don manchego’ cheese biscuits—and sure enough, manchego cheese, tangy, nutty, and moreish, sang loud and colourfully with each bite.

“It's not much of a Spanish thing, this style of biscuit,” Tom at Brindisa explains, “the company that we get them from only started quite recently.” Knowing how much we love biscuits in Britain, biscuiteers Paul and Pippa set out to fill this gap, bringing Spanish flavours to the world of cookies and crumbs.

A cheese on cheese situation
Don't be deceived by their name: their company is indeed based in Barcelona, and the biscuits are made there using organic ingredients sourced from Spain wherever possible. To serve, Tom “wouldn't discourage a cheese on cheese situation” with regards the don manchego—and recommends tea or coffee with the lime after time.