Venison and green peppercorn salami

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Pure-tasting, wild venison sausage from the Scottish Highlands, via Cannon and Cannon

Many a great idea was born of necessity. Great Glen Charcuterie’s venison and green peppercorn salami is among them.

“It’s handmade by Anja and Jan Jacob, on their farm in a village called Roy Bridge near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. As there are no natural predators, there is massive overpopulation of wild red deer around there—which the venison and green peppercorn salami is made from,” explains Mikaela of Cannon and Cannon, where this and other Great Glen venison products can be found.

“I’ve lived up in Scotland and it’s seen as vermin up there, because they just destroy everything,” she continues. “During hunting season, a lot of deer are shot and much of the meat is just wasted, which is such a shame. Making use of this wild venison is central to Anja and Jan’s business.”

Venison and green peppercorn salami

Pure, unadulterated venison
Unlike most salamis, there’s no pork in the recipe: just pure, unadulterated venison, with naught but green peppercorns and salt, for curing. “The meat is minced finely, and they only use the fat from the wild red deer itself, there’s none added. Because it’s lean, it doesn’t have to hang for too long—roughly three to four weeks, for this salami,” says Mikaela.

“They use green peppercorns so that it doesn’t overpower the flavour of the meat, and gives it a more floral, aromatic flavour. Green peppercorns are milder than black, which can be a little too ‘in your face’, and take over the flavour.”

While perfectly satisfying on its own, you’d not go far wrong pairing venison and green peppercorn salami with a good cheddar, or Lincolnshire poacher. “It’s perfect as it is, but it’s quite soft in texture so it’s also realty good with hard cheeses, along with a little bit of chilli jam or something like that,” she continues. “But for me, personally, I just really like it on its own—you don’t get venison very often, so when you see it it’s sort of like mmm, hello! You don’t want to mess with it too much. I think that’s really exciting. It’s a fantastic product, I’m really happy that we stock it.”