Yorkshire Pudding Day

Categories: Expert guidance

In honour of national Yorkshire Pudding Day, drinks writer and sommALEier Melissa Cole picks out five perfect beer pairings from Utobeer

Yorkshire puddings are, for me, the living embodiment of kitchen alchemy. In my mind, which thinks far more about food than precious metals, making yorkshire puds is the process of turning base elements into gold. I’ve also just realised this explains many things about my lack of jewellery and surfeit of kitchen gadgets…

To celebrate these miraculous clouds of goodness, I have five beer and food matches for you all of which are available at Utobeer.

Yorkshire pudding and onion gravy
The mellow, slippery sweetness of the onion can be gently contrasted with the subtle fruity bitterness and light astringency of an American-style amber like Magic Rock Brewing’s Rapture.

Yorkshire pudding and fore-rib of beef
Previously, there was only one style of beer to have with this for me, and that was a proper, British bitter. But a new favourite has snuck into my repertoire: Orbit Neu, a joyous altbier-style brew with subtle bready character. The balanced drinkability of both bitters and altbiers allow them to weave in and out of all the different flavours on your plate—not so bitter they clash with the greens, not so strong that they overwhelm the yorkies, and not too full-bodied, so they still cut through the gloriously marbled beef (which hopefully has just a light rim of crunchy, salty browned fat).

Pressure Drop Street Porter

This is basically the American version of a yorkshire pudding, which often have fillings in them. For a great vegetarian option, I would go for a non-animal rennet cheddar and some tarragon fried mushrooms and, to offset this sudden rush of fondness for over the pond, I’d pair that with a lovely chocolatey, earthy London porter, like Pressure Drop’s Street Porter.

Toad in the hole
The beer that you match to this dish relies on what sausages you use, so I’m going to give you a few different choices of style, as opposed to actual brands of beer. If it’s a Toulouse sausage, you want something with a big malt body like dubbel-style beer from one of the classic Trappist breweries, to help tame some of that savage garlic bite. For Cumberland sausages, elevate that peppery edge with mildly-hopped saison; if it’s Manchester sausage, bring those lovely spices like cloves and mace to the fore with a deep, delicious dunkelweiss-style brew.

Yorkshire pudding with poached rhubarb and custard

Forced rhubarb is bang in season and, as it’s a Yorkshire speciality, it would seem rude to overlook it! Using a yorkie as a base turns it into the simplest pie around—a dusting of vanilla-scented icing sugar to finish will give it that final sweet flourish and it would be absolutely delicious with Brew by Numbers’ rhubarb and fennel saison. Be quick—it’s a limited edition!