Borough Market Cookbook Club


A club for anyone who loves good food, good cookery books and good company

Borough Market’s Cookbook Club is for anyone who loves good food, good cookery books and good company. If that is you, then sign up (for free) to join the club and you will be eligible to come along to our small, friendly Cookbook Club events held in The Cookhouse at Borough Market.

Each event has a landmark cookery book chosen as its theme. Club members who book a ticket will be asked to pick something to make from that book, cook it at home and then bring it along. Then, over drinks supplied by the Club’s supporter Borough Wines, we’ll all spend a few hours sharing each others’ food and our experiences of cooking from the book.

The Borough Market Cookbook Club is organised and hosted by food writer Angela Clutton. She has written on food and drink for a wide range of publications, features as the food historian on the latest series of BBC’s Rip Off Britain, Food, and is co-Chair of The Guild of Food Writers. At each Cookbook Club event, Angela will be cooking her chosen dish in The Cookhouse for members to share, and giving some background and insight into the book and its writer.

Anyone is welcome to join the Cookbook Club—whether you are starting your cookbook collection with the club’s chosen book, or have shelves and shelves given over to cookery writers; whether you’re an experienced cook, or just starting out.

Tickets to the regular Cookbook Club events are £8 each. A limited number of free places are reserved for each club event for our neighbours in SE1.

How it works:
—Join the Cookbook Club by emailing cookbookclub@boroughmarket.org.uk with your name, home address and email address.

—Once you have joined, we’ll email you back with your membership number and details of how to book to attend events. That will include how to let us know what dish you’ll be making and information about the loyalty card for Cookbook Club and other membership benefits which include a complimentary Borough Wines refill bottle carrying the bespoke Cookbook Club label, to use at their Borough Market stand.

Century of British Cooking by Marguerite Patten
Tuesday 21st January, 6:30-9pm / Saturday 26th January, 12:30-3pm

This year is the 60th anniversary of the first publication of Marguerite Patten’s iconic cookbook, Cookery in Colour. It was a landmark book of its time, with colour imagery, that sold a staggering two million copies. It is sadly no longer in print—but this book, which she worked on in 1999, is.

A Century of British Cooking is filled with fascinating insights into how the food of Britain evolved through the 1900s, with anecdotes and recipes from every decade.

Marguerite Patten’s career began as a home economist and she went on to be one of the first cooks made a celebrity by radio and TV. Her wartime endeavours to help households feed themselves through rationing made her an enduring icon. A look back through Marguerite’s eyes at the century of food which she was so fundamental to seems a fitting celebration of Cookery in Colour’s anniversary.

Perfect Plates in Five Ingredients by John Whaite
Saturday 15th February, 12:30-3pm / Wednesday 19th February, 6:30-9pm

John Whaite won the third series of The Great British Bake Off in 2012. Since then he has built a career: from training at Le Cordon Bleu, to running his own cookery school. This was John’s third book, but his first book to move away from baking as a theme. It is full of a lovely breadth of dishes that have a simplicity at their heart.

As John puts it: “The idea is that each recipe can only use five ingredients (excluding the ‘essentials’ of butter, oil, salt and pepper). This pared back approach to cooking has not only resulted in much easier methods, but also the recipes are quick and, generally, more cost effective to prepare... you don’t need a huge list of ingredients to create delicious, fulfilling plates of food. Allowing ingredients to sometimes speak for themselves is what is simply perfect.”

Zaika by Romy Gill
Saturday 14th March, 12:30-3pm / Wednesday 18th March, 6:30-9pm

Zaika is a beautiful book, full of delicious vegan Indian recipes. From breads to dals, with so many exciting ways with vegetables, plus puddings and drinks (who’s for a turmeric gin and tonic?) this book exudes Romy’s characteristic warmth and energy.

Romy is a British-Indian chef and cookery teacher who, with her restaurant Romy’s Kitchen, was one of the first female Indian chef-owners of a restaurant in Britain. Zaika is her first book and was published in 2019, to huge acclaim. Romy will be appearing as a regular chef in the new series of Ready Steady Cook on the BBC in 2020.

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