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Borough Talks: the meat debate

16 June, 1 – 2pm


Veganism is often portrayed as being good for planetary and personal health – the implication being that meat production and consumption is, therefore, the problem. There is increasing acceptance, though, that the real picture for us and for the planet is not nearly as simple as that. Join us for a positive discussion of the reality of the environmental nuances of how meat and non-meat are farmed, as we try to unpick and give perspective to this too-often polarised debate.

Chair Angela Clutton – food historian, writer and host of the hugely successful Borough Market Cookbook Club – will be joined by chef and climate change campaigner Tom Hunt and Jan McCourt of Northfield Farm, who has been trading at Borough Market for more than 21 years selling slow-reared, traditional British and rare breed meat.

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Tom Hunt is an award-winning chef, writer, climate change campaigner and author of new cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. He writes a weekly recipe column for the Guardian, works closely with various charities including Fairtrade and The Soil Association, and is a signatory and podcast host for the Chef’s Manifesto – a United Nations initiative that calls on chefs around the world to champion climate-friendly cuisine in their kitchens. 

Follow Tom on Instagram @cheftomhunt and on Twitter @ChefTomHunt

Jan McCourt runs Northfield Farm with his sons, Dom and Leo. He’s been trading at Borough Market since its rebirth as a public market in 1998, selling traditional and rare breed meat reared using regenerative, sustainable farming methods from his own farm on the Rutland-Leicestershire border and other trusted, like-minded producers. 

Follow Jan and Northfield Farm on Twitter @jan_mccourt and @northfieldfarm