by Angela Clutton

A refreshing pomegranate-based drink from Angela Clutton

This concentrate of pomegranate and sugar is just one of many ways fruits can be turned into refreshing cordial or sherbet drinks. Grenadine is often used as a cocktail ingredient (such as in the classic rum-based el presidente), but can also be enjoyed simply over ice with sparkling water, or added to lemonade for a burst of additional colour and flavour.  

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3 pomegranates
100g caster sugar
2 tsp vodka (optional)
A few drops of rose water


To release the juicy pomegranate arils (both the seeds and red pulp), cut around each pomegranate’s equator. Give each half a squeeze over a large bowl. You will hear the crack of the arils loosening. Firmly hit the back of the pomegranate halves with a wooden spoon to knock the arils into the bowl. Some might need a helping tease to come out. Remove any bits of membrane.

Whizz the pomegranate seeds and pulp in a blender until smooth. Strain through a sieve—you should have approx 250ml juice. Transfer to a pan. Add the sugar and a quarter of a tsp fine salt, then gently heat for a few mins—just until the sugar and salt have dissolved. Leave to cool, then add the vodka (if using) and a few drops of rosewater. Keep in a sterilised, airtight bottle in the fridge. 

Recipe: Angela Clutton
Image: Orlando Gili