Rabot 1745

Confectionery, Retail & restaurants

This unique restaurant, bar and shop is dedicated to cocoa, which makes its way from the beans harvested at the Rabot Estate plantation in St Lucia, to the cocoa-inspired cuisine served in its Bedale Street restaurant.

Experience cocoa bean roasting, conching—a mixing process essential to the final texture and flavour of chocolate—and tempering first hand, then browse for exquisite chocolates and cocoa ingredients to take back to your kitchen. Alternatively, dine in and enjoy the restaurant’s innovative menu, which uses cacao beans for both savoury and sweet ends.

Rabot are now accepting dining reservations. Please visit their website or social media channels to make your bookings.

Café :
Monday–Friday 8am–5pm
Saturday–Sunday 9am–5pm

Bar :
Thursday–Friday 5pm–10.30pm
Saturday 5pm–11pm

Restaurant :
Thursday–Friday 11am–10.30pm (Lunch & Dinner)
Saturday 9am–11pm (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

For more information and to order online, visit the Hotel Chocolat website.