Christmas and New Year opening times

Borough Market will be open every day between 4th December and Christmas to allow visitors to source all the seasonal produce they need

In what has become a Christmas tradition as reliable (and welcome) as a visit from Santa, Borough Market will be open every day from 4th December all the way up to the last panic-buying minutes of Christmas Eve, giving shoppers as much time as possible to source the seasonal ingredients they need for the month’s festivities.

With the Market's historic arches decked out in beautiful decorations, the sound of bells and Christmas carols in the background, the scent of mulled wine in the air and a plethora of exceptional produce to choose from, the spirit of Christmas will be strong here, enhanced by the numerous events and demonstrations taking place throughout the month.

The full timings are as follows:

Wed 4th December: 10am–5pm
Thu 5th December: 10am–5pm
Fri 6th December: 10am–6pm
Sat 7th December: 8am–5pm
Sun 8th December: 10am–4pm
Mon 9th December: 10am–5pm
Tue 10th December: 10am–5pm
Wed 11th December: 10am–5pm; Evening of Cheese: 6–8pm
Thu 12th December: 10am–5pm
Fri 13th December: 10am–6pm
Sat 14th December: 8am–5pm
Sun 15th December: 10am–4pm
Mon 16th December: 10am–5pm
Tue 17th December: 10am–5pm
Wed 18th December: 10am–5pm
Thu 19th December: 10am–5pm
Fri 20th December: 8am–6pm
Sat 21st December: 8am–6pm
Sun 22nd December: 10am–4pm
Mon 23rd December: 8am–6pm
Tue 24th December: 8am–4pm
Wed 25th December: Closed    
Thu 26th December: Closed   
Fri 27 December: Closed  
Sat 28 December: 8am–5pm
Sun 29 December: 10am–4pm
Mon 30 December: 10am–5pm
Tue 31 December: 10am–4pm
Wed 1st January: Closed
Thu 2nd January: Closed