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Our story

Borough Market is steeped in history, but it remains as relevant now as it has ever been

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Borough Market is a world-class produce market with 1,000 years of heritage and the platform to be a significant influence.


We offer access to British and international produce that is unique to its producer or exceptional in its quality.


We act as a beacon for ethical, sustainable practices, both as an institution and through the actions of our traders.


We require supply chains to be short and transparent and we are active in sharing the stories behind our traders’ produce.


The Market provides a hub for a mutually supportive community of traders, producers, shoppers, cooks, residents and visitors.

Social connection

We aim to harness the power of food to build connections between people, whatever their geographic and cultural background.


The Market is an agile, forward-looking organisation, committed to nurturing new talent and embracing innovation.


We value our traders’ knowledge, expertise and love of food and encourage them to share it with the public.

How we work

Borough Market is a charity, run by a board of volunteer trustees. They have a responsibility to ensure that what we do here works for the benefit of the community: for our shoppers, our traders, our neighbours, and all the other people whose lives we might affect.

Borough Market Food Policy

Explore the Borough Market trust’s new food policy, which sets out the principles that will define the Market’s approach to food for years to come


Borough Market’s report and financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2022

Our Timeline

1,000 years of Borough Market

Mark Riddaway, author of Borough Market: Edible Histories, explores the rise, fall and rebirth of one of London’s most storied institutions.

Meet the team

Find out more about our board of trustees and senior management team.