Food Futures Programme

A programme that seeks to showcase potential solutions to the food world’s most compelling challenges

Borough Market is actively seeking to identify and incubate the next generation of traders, particularly those that offer fresh ideas about sustainability, health, waste minimisation and local production (while, as hardly needs be said, meeting the usual exacting standards of food quality). The Food Futures Market offers a host of innovators the chance to test their products and tell their stories at Borough Market, and-perhaps most importantly-make connections and share ideas with shoppers and traders whose responses will help shape their evolution. They will be joined each week by a guest trader from South Bank University’s London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic (LAFIC), a project that supports fledgling food businesses, providing them with free, professional advice and funded support to increase research and development.

The full Food Futures Market starts in the Green Market on 20th November. Full schedule below.

Food Futures Market

20th November-24th December (Wed-Sat): Horia
Rich, dense, fudgy-centred dark chocolate vegan brownies.

20th November-21st December (Wed-Sat): Jake’s Boost 
All natural nut and seed protein butters, with no added sugar, palm oil or salt.

20th November-21st December (Wed-Sat): Nut Milks
Freshly made, sustainable, non-dairy, natural vegan milks.

21st-23rd November & 4th-7th December: MyTEA is Mighty
Natural, vegan tea lattes, real-brewed with Fairtrade tea leaves and organic ingredients.

27th-30th November: Small and Wild
Fruity and fun herbal teas, natural and caffeine free and made especially for children.

27th November-7th December: Binary Botanical
Crisp and refreshing, low-calorie botanical table beer.

28th-30th November & 12th-21st December (Thur-Sat): Oh Lily!
Popped water lily seeds for snacking in a variety of vegan flavours.

4th-7th December: Cricke
High protein, sustainable cricket crackers, produced in the UK.

11th-14th December: Honest Cereal
Low sugar granola

14th & 21st December: Push Chocolate
Gluten-free, palm oil-free, plastic-free vegan protein chocolate in four delicious flavours.

18th-21st December: Taino
Vibrant Caribbean-inspired chutneys and sauces, all nut and gluten free.

LAFIC traders

LAFIC traders are in attendance from 6th November.

6th-23rd November: Cajuu
Cashew products, ethically harvested and sourced from Tanzania, hand crafted in the UK

27th-30th November: Wunder Workshop
London based functional food brand making organic and ethically sourced turmeric based products

4th-14th December: Boo Chi Kombucha
A live, organic, non-carbonated drink, packed full of naturally occurring active ingredients

18th-21st December: Wolfe’s Drinks
Refreshingly tart shrubs made from concentrated fruit and vinegar syrups

15th-25th January: MyTEA is Mighty
Natural, vegan tea lattes brewed with Fairtrade tea leaves and organic ingredients