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Chocolate kisses

Lesley Holdship

A simple but characterful gift for Valentine’s Day

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20 mins


10 mins


Makes 8




  • 150g milk chocolate
  • 150g dark chocolate
  • 150g white chocolate
  • Embellishments like gold leaf, petals, pistachio slivers, popping candy, candied peel, angelica
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • 1 straw


Get a couple of trays ready, lined with parchment.

Temper the chocolate. This is important as the chocolate is the hero and needs to be glossy. If you don’t temper it, the fatty solids ‘bloom’ leaving white circles on the chocolate surface. I must admit, however, I plump for the easy method. So, melt each chocolate keeping about a quarter back. Then add the unmelted choc to the melted chocolate, letting it melt by stirring it in. The chocolate should then be ready to use.

Cut a straw into 2cm lengths.

Pipe or pour the chocolate into 8cm discs. Push the straw sections into the chocolate near the edge of each disc, so they stand upright. When the chocolate sets you will be able to ease the straws out, leaving holes for the ribbon to hang the kisses from.

Pipe kisses (X), using contrasting chocolate onto the discs, then feather or marble the edges of the kisses using a skewer. 

Add decorations in any combo you like, scattering them over and around the kisses.

Once set, remove the straws gently and string the chocolate kisses with contrasting ribbons, or pack them into a beautiful box. Deliver with plenty of real kisses.

Images: John Holdship

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