Chocolate banana bread

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The perfect January pick-me-up from Rabot 1745

Banana bread is comfort food. Mention the treat, and you immediately think of the sticky fingers of childhood, mashing bananas with your parents; the inimitable, nostalgic smell of your grandmother’s kitchen. The culinary alchemy involved in turning past-their-due, browning bananas into a sweet, gooey treat is strangely satisfying—and at the end of a cold, January week, something nostalgic, gooey and vaguely healthy is just what’s needed.

With shelves stocked full of chocolate treats of all kinds—an array that’s nothing short of mind-boggling—it might come as a surprise that banana bread is among the most popular products at Rabot 1745. Until you try it, that is.

“Most of the chocolate comes from our estate in Saint Lucia,” says Olga, referring to Rabot Estate’s 250-year-old Caribbean plantation. “However, in this banana bread we actually use the chocolate nibs.”

Brazen milk chocolate
While sweet, the nibs—which can also be bought alone—give the banana bread a more subtle flavour than the brazen milk chocolate chips typically used in variations. “They don’t have the bitterness that puts some people off dark chocolate but at the same time, perfectly prevent our banana bread from tasting too sugary.”

The loaf, which is made using only Market produce, is moist, fluffy and squidgy at the same time. Wholly comforting in its simplicity, without sacrificing complexity of flavour, it’s a banana bread that even a grandmother who swears by her own recipe will warm to.

At Rabot it’s sold as a dessert, accompanied with cream and warm, conched chocolate; we think it’s magnificent as it stands.