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Celia Brooks takes us on a guided tour of Borough’s best gluten-free offerings

Words: Celia Brooks

In the last decade or so, gluten has increasingly been strutting the culinary stage wearing a baddie’s cloak. While for many of us the ingestion of gluten-full goods is in no way a problem, people who have a wheat allergy or who suffer from coeliac disease must, of course, avoid it at all costs. My own sister was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and has been able to control it almost entirely by avoiding gluten, though she does allow herself the occasional indulgence (and reports that she pays for it afterwards with an arthritic flare-up).

Luckily, Borough Market takes the headache out of food shopping for a gluten-free diet. Since virtually all of the products are not mass produced, you can be absolutely certain what you are getting—and if you ask whether or not something is gluten-free, you are guaranteed a safe answer from the savvy and knowledgeable traders who really know their products and their provenance.

Borough Market is blessed with The Free From Bakehouse, where everything is made in a dedicated gluten-free bakery, so if it’s cakes, bakes and pastries you’re after, you can spoil yourself with their jalapeno and sweetcorn muffins, or their irresistible red velvet cupcakes and brownies.

Hit the jackpot
If you’re in need of a delicious, on-the-spot gluten-free meal, you’ve hit the jackpot: reach for a spice-laden Indian curry from Gujarati Rasoi; southern Indian specialities from Horn Ok Please, like a moong dal dosa (a pancake made from lentils) filled with spiced potatoes; grab an organic superveg burger from The Big V (just skip the bun and eat it with your choice of relishes out of a cabbage leaf); try the range of hot and tantalising berbere-spiced dishes from Ethiopian Flavours; or a selection of Turkish home-style meze from The Turkish Deli. While not everything on these stalls is gluten-free, the stall holders can tell you for certain whether something is or not, as they made it themselves!

If you’re shopping ingredients for gluten-free cooking at home, don’t miss the Cool Chile Co for their authentic Mexican fare—they sell the only authentic Mexican tortillas available in London, which are made from 100 per cent gluten-free masa harina, and have a wide range of delectable sauces, fresh Mexican cheese, spices, and lots of cool dried chillies—and of course, Borough Market is a gluten-free paradise for all your fresh meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetable needs.

You’ll easily find all the ingredients for these gluten-free recipes: halloumi-stuffed peppers and smoky aubergine timbales. Enjoy.