Pomegranate margarita

by Angela Clutton

A classic margarita with a twist

The classic margarita is made with an orange liqueur, but here I am using pomegranate liqueur instead for extra depth of flavour. You could use any fruit liqueur you have or like, but one tweak you absolutely must not make is to skip the salting of the rim of the glass. It is essential to the margarita experience that your tastebuds get that salty hit first.


1 tbsp sea salt
2-3 limes (depending on size and juiciness), halved
50ml tequila
25ml pomegranate liqueur
Mint leaves, to garnish


Sit the salt in a shallow dish. Use 1 lime half to run around the rim of your glass and then turn that upside down into the salt so that the salt sticks to the rim. Put the glass into the fridge to chill while you fix the drink.

Squeeze 25ml juice from the limes. Put lots of ice into a cocktail tin or measuring jug. Pour over the lime juice, tequila and pomegranate liqueur. Stir for 1 min. Strain the drink into the chilled, salted glass and garnish with mint to serve.

Recipe: Angela Clutton