100th collection

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The Market has reached a new milestone in its surplus food scheme

On Saturday 7th May, traders donated surplus produce to the Foodsave scheme for the 100th consecutive week.

There are now 26 traders involved in the scheme regularly contributing produce, which is distributed to 18 local charities with the help of our friends at the charity Plan Zheroes.

After a successful trial with low risk products such as fruit, vegetables and bread, the scheme has been extended to include more traders by investing in cool boxes so that remaining meat, fish and dairy products can also be safely donated to groups in our community.

41,000 meals have been created as a consequence of these surplus food donations, feeding vulnerable people in our community.

The scheme is designed to bring about a sustainable end to food waste by repurposing produce left at the close of the trading week;  making the pleasure of eating good healthy food a regular feature in the lives of local vulnerable people. A big thank you to all our traders who regularly donate on a Saturday afternoon!