A good wrap

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The development of Gourmet Goat’s traditional pita breads has transformed both the flavour of its wraps and the lives of female refugees

Those familiar with Gourmet Goat will know that at the core of its offering lies the kid goat wrap. It was there from the beginning: tender slow roast meat, homemade tzatziki and fiery chilli salsa, bundled up in a pillowy pita. Forever on the lookout for ways to increase and improve their offering, the team at Gourmet Goat have linked up with the E5 Bakehouse and Roasthouse to create a flatbread that’s even tastier—and with it, help support an excellent cause.

Nadia making flatbread dough

“We were keen to retain the essence of our previous soft Greek flatbreads and high standard of our other ingredients, but with a local quality,” says Nadia Stokes, co-owner of Gourmet Goat. Made with organic flour milled on site at the E5 Roasthouse at Poplar Union, leavened with a sourdough starter, hand-rolled and baked in a wood-fired oven, “their flavour is strong and authentic—they’re nothing like the basic, unleavened wraps that are easy to make and cook on a griddle,” says Nadia. “We weren’t interested in that. We wanted to bring back a traditional village recipe and resurrect the real pita.”

It’s the result of months of work and close collaboration with the E5 Bakehouse, “who we’re delighted to be working with,” she continues. “They are a great fit for us—not just in their enthusiasm, the lengths they go to in order to achieve an amazing product that meets our requirements, but because of their commitment to social enterprise.”

Learning the ropes
The flatbreads are made as part of the Just Bread programme, an initiative that seeks to support refugee women and teach them skills which ultimately help pave the way to regular employment in the UK. For 10 weeks, 10 refugee trainees learn the ropes of the bakery and cafe, spending time in each section: the kitchen, on pastries, coffee making, butter and jam making, and flour milling. “Supporting refugees is a subject very close to our hearts,” adds Nadia’s partner Nick, “so we were honoured to be given the opportunity to support this amazing initiative.”

The flatbreads can be ordered as a wrap filled with either kid goat kofta, slow roast rose veal or grilled mature halloumi, and also as a side for Gourmet Goat’s popular eastern Mediterranean salad or bulgur wheat pilaf bowls.