A statement from our Chair of Trustees, Christine Elliott

Christine Elliott, chair of the trustees of Borough Market, reflects upon the second anniversary of the 2017 terrorist attack

On  Monday 3 rd  June , we will be quietly marking the second anniversary of the 2017 terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market—an incident that for several weeks now,  as a result of the vivid testimony heard at the ongoing Old Bailey inquest and reported widely across the media, has returned to a prominent place in many people’s thoughts.

Revisiting memories of that terrible event has doubtless been extremely painful for those affected, but together with tributes to those whose lives were cut brutally short, the inquest has also offered some small glimmers of solace. Day after day, the courtroom has been told of the courage and compassion of hundreds of people who, in small ways or large, did whatever they could to help or protect those most in need. 

The selflessness and humanity reflected in those stories was also tangible here at Borough Market in the aftermath of the attack, when the strength of this community’s bonds, and the generosity that flowed in from far and wide, provided much-needed support. What became abundantly clear to everyone involved with the Market is that this is a place that matters a great deal to a lot of people, and that a community formed around sharing, learning and the simple pleasures of eating and talking cannot easily be undermined.  

On 3rd June, the Market will be trading as usual. Our flag will fly at half-mast throughout the day, and in the evening I will be joining with traders and community representatives to attend a service of remembrance at Southwark Cathedral. Everyone here will be reflecting in their own way. Our thoughts will be with those who have suffered, but we will also look to the future knowing that the ties that bind us together are as strong now as they have ever been.