Apricot and honey cheesecake crumble

A winning triumverate of soft cheese, summer fruit and crumble

“We always have a crumble as part of the range, because we love the combination of pastry, crumble and soft fruits,” says Maxie, development manager at Konditor and Cook. “The inspiration for this particular dessert came last year, when I went on a trip to Greece. I just loved having natural Greek yoghurt, honey and fresh fruit, so I came up with the apricot and honey cheesecake crumble.”

The filling is a delicious mix of English cream cheese, vanilla, a touch of lemon zest and a dollop of crème fraiche—“to make it a little creamier; it’s the same mix that tops our famous curly wurly brownies”—which melds around chunks of fragrant fresh apricots, encased in a buttery shortbread pastry base and topped with a generous sprinkling of crunchy crumble.

The latter is a “basic dry mix of flour, butter and sugar, which we combine with our hands,” Maxie continues. “We keep the crumbs quite big, so you get real chunks of crunchiness—we don’t want it to be too dusty.”

The result is part Greek breakfast, part American-style cheesecake, part classic English crumble—in the very best way. It’s fresh, light, crunchy—and delicious. “There’s a lovely balance between the sharpness of the apricots, sourness from the cream cheese and sweetness from the vanilla and honey. It’s the perfect summer’s day dessert.”

It’s a crowd-pleasing all-rounder, a melting pot of different cultures and flavours—much like Borough Market itself.