Bacon, bubble and egg sandwich

An English classic from Maria’s Market Café—and the perfect post-office party cure

“Pre party and post party they come. It soaks it all up, see.” We see, and all too clearly: it's the morning after the night before and we're feeling a little the worse for wear. We're eating Maria's legendary bacon, egg and bubble sandwiches—thick buttered bread, squidgy with chunks of fried potato and cabbage, oozing with yellowy-orange yolk, crisp with fried bacon.

We have, both metaphorically and literally, got egg on our face by the end of it, having dribbled it down our chin and swapped the usual hangxiety-inducing stories of who said what to whom and where.

Thank god for Maria’s Market Cafe. She won't give away the secret of her bubble—“It wouldn't be a secret then, would it!”—but whatever it is, it's working wonders. Our pallid faces grow brighter with every warm, hearty mouthful, our wine-ing heads and our grumbling, unhappy bellies drawing comfort with every carb. Everything looks better.

Beer drinkers
“When people have been out partying, a nice breakfast fills them up. They go away feeling substantial,” says Maria, who’s been serving her baps to Borough Market’s beer drinkers for over half a century.

“At Christmas time everyone’s having the bacon and bubble. It’s very filling.” She’s got a good point—fresh, floury bread, bacon, rehashed potato and cabbage and fried egg cosily tucked inside, it’s the perfect post-office party cure.