Banoffee pie

A rich, indulgent dessert from Ion Patisserie

There are some Fridays, particularly those in the bleak midst of winter, where nothing short of the outrageously indulgent will cut it. And on those such days, nothing fits the bill more suitably than this banoffee pie from Ion Patisserie.

Buttery pastry—“made fresh by us, with unsalted butter, free range eggs, sugar and flour,” says owner and baker Georgeta Decuseara—provides a deliciously crumbly, biscuity base layer to subsequent layers of sliced banana, generous lashings of velvety homemade toffee “made with unsalted butter and condensed milk, cooked slowly on the hob”. Then, before being boxed up for the Market, “we add fresh full fat cream. It’s a very rich dessert.”

Rich indeed—and the story of its arrival at Borough is as sweet as its filling. “I have very fond memories of this particular dessert,” Georgeta continues, “not only because I like it very much, but because in a way, it opened the door to Borough Market.”

A proper market
The story goes that a regular customer—soon to be one of many—at Georgeta’s original stall would come to buy a slice of this particular pie every week. One day, the lady said: “This dessert is too good not to be at a proper market. Why don’t you apply to Borough?”

So she did, bringing samples of her famous banoffee with her. It was, of course, a huge success. “For that we have to thank the lady—and the banoffee pie,” Georgeta smiles.

Having unashamedly wolfed it down as soon as we arrived back at the office at the entirely unrespectable time of around 10am, we’d like to thank her too—and are inclined to agree with Georgeta that “it’s one of the best desserts in