Beer sticks

A steadfast favourite from Cannon & Cannon, and the perfect Friday treat

“It’s a salami-style cured meat—it’s like a really, really good Peperami,” says Oliver at the Cannon and Cannon stall. Beer sticks are made using locally sourced, free range pork shoulder, seasoned with Malawian chilli, paprika, garlic and pepper, before being cured and air-dried, by small-scale Kent-based producer Moons Green. “We’re very big on animal welfare and making sure all our products are of the highest quality,” he continues. “There are no nasty hidden ingredients.”

The proof of its quality is, as they say, in the eating. At first bite there’s an explosion of peppery flavour; chew longer, and the spices ease pleasingly through, followed by a kick of chilli at the end—“It’s highly quaffable,” Oliver agrees. “They are very popular.”

A steadfast favourite at the stall, regular customers have long since cottoned on to the unbeatable combination of stopping by Cannon and Cannon for a meaty fix, then heading round the corner to Utobeer to pick up a fine pairing.

Imperial smoked porter
“At first, people often think it has beer actually in it—no! You have it with beer, it’s the perfect Friday treat,” says Oliver. Gerald at the Utobeer stall is ever on hand with myriad suggestions. “Five Points Brewing Co’s London Smoke is a great beer. It’s an imperial smoked porter made in Hackney. The smokiness of it will work really nicely with beer sticks. You don’t want anything too spicy or overpowering,” he advises.

“Alternatively, Orbit Neu would also go very well. It’s a dark, malty, German-style beer with a slight nutty taste to it, also brewed in London, just south of Elephant and Castle—let’s keep it London. A London beer for a London snack.”

For resolute dry January-ers, we can assure you beer sticks are just as delicious all on their own—but having made it (almost) half way through arguably the most miserable month of the year, we felt a cold beer to go with it was the least we deserved.