Best of times, worst of times: Allyson Munro

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The likes and dislikes of Allyson Munro from Wyndham House Poultry

Interview: Viel Richardson
Portraits: Orlando Gili

Fantasy holiday destination
Thailand! I love the food, the people, the culture and the look of the beaches. I’m actually going to go for the first time next year and am really excited.

Worst job
I was 18 years old and was hired to post flyers for a pub, advertising meal deals and promotions. Trudging from house to house putting fliers through letterboxes was very, very dull. I spent most of the time in the park with my friends. I’m not sure what percentage of flyers actually got delivered.

Favourite childhood dish
I loved roast dinners. Beef or chicken, yorkshire pudding, lots of vegetables, the whole shebang.

Signature dish
It is one that sounds simple but it is really tasty, and people love it whenever I make it. Take a chicken breast, cut a pocket in it and fill it with mushroom pâté. I then wrap the whole thing in bacon—there needs to be some fat on it for both flavour and moisture—then stick it in the oven. I don’t put the temperature too high so the bacon doesn’t burn before the fillet is properly cooked. It is lovely, all the different flavours really work together. I serve it with sweet potato fries and purple sprouting broccoli.  

Best recent meal
It was a tiny place called Pitt Cue Co, a restaurant which specialises in serving rare breed meat. They also rear their own rare breed mangalitsa pigs, which is really nice. The food there was amazing. I had a selection of dishes like bone marrow mash, caramelised beef ribs, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Allyson Munro at Wyndham House Poultry

Worst meal
It was on a holiday in the Canary Islands. It was a tapas-style restaurant where the dishes were based around nachos. Everything tasted the same, which wouldn’t have been that bad if it was nice but it wasn’t. I swear some dishes were Doritos just ground up and used instead of real nachos. It was awful.

Worst kitchen disaster
That’s easy. I’m a bit clumsy and have a habit of dropping things. Once I dropped a pot filled with boiling water and purple broccoli—the colour had dyed the water, which went everywhere and stained the walls. It took an age to get clean. So not a cookery disaster, but I still wasn’t happy.

Mood killer  
When you get a customer who is having a bad day and tries to pass their bad vibes on to you. But this is such a great place that another customer or one of your friends soon cheers you up.

Favourite school subject

Fantasy job
Not entirely sure yet. I did a degree in broadcasting and would love to use that to explore food and drink. But I haven’t nailed down exactly how I’d want to approach it.

Favourite drink
An espresso martini after 9pm on a Friday night.

Least favourite drink
I’m not a big fan of Guinness. It is an acquired taste that I have never acquired.

Food hero
Gordon Ramsay. That’s a bit controversial, but I love his TV programme and just find how he deals with people entertaining.

Favourite recent album
There are many, I love my music. I love drum and bass, grime, reggae. But Ed Sheeran is probably the guy I’m listening to most right now, because I really like his new album.

Best recent gig
I went to a festival called Pier Jam in Hastings, on the refurbished pier. It was only about 200 people with drum and bass stars like MistaJam and Shy FX. It was great being at such an intimate gig with such stars.

Best thing about London
I love the culture of the city; the fact that there is always something happening. The food life, night life and the fact that so much of what’s happening is free, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to be entertained.

Worst thing about London
The amount of people on my train in the morning.

Hangover cure
Pint of ice cold coke and a full English.