Best of times, worst of times: Oscar Robertson

Categories: Behind the stalls

The likes and dislikes of the man behind the stall at Pâté Moi

Fantasy job
One of those captains who skipper people’s luxury yachts around the world to where they want them. Being on a great boat, sailing from one sunny port to another, seems like a great way to live. In the real world I am a musician who plays in several bands and does session work. Being able to make a living from that would be a close second.

Worst job
The worst job was working as a kitchen porter in a restaurant. I was left to do all the grisly jobs like cleaning the toilets. It wasn’t fun but there are some terrible jobs out there, so it could have been worse.

Best recent film
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I know it is an old classic, but I only saw it for the first time recently and it is a brilliant film.

Worst recent film
Incredibles 2. It is not that it was really bad, but it was just disappointing. The first one was imaginative, but the sequel was missing that. It seemed a bit like a money-making exercise.

Favourite holiday destination
I recently went to Lisbon and really loved it there. It has a great pace of life. The beach is nearby but you can also get involved in the city. There is a really vibrant music scene out there with lots of young artists, which made it even better for me.

Favourite childhood dish
I loved apple crumble as a kid, but I used to ask my mum to make it for me without the apple. I just loved the crumble.

Best recent night out
I went to see a French band called Juniore with some friends. It was just great. I woke up the next morning with some money still in the bank account and without a hangover. That is a good night out.

Worst recent meal
I went into a fast food chain restaurant and bought a halloumi wrap which was awful. The lettuce was wet and soggy, and the tomatoes tasted rotten. It was just wasn’t very good. Big disappointment.

Best recent meal
That was a Japanese sushi restaurant. The quality of the fish was superb, unbelievably good. Sushi is one of those types of food when you can really taste the difference in the quality of ingredients, and this was outstanding.

Favourite drink
Favourite alcoholic drink is a bloody mary, in the morning—if that is acceptable—because it is a great kickstart to the day.

Least favourite drink
Malibu. It goes back to being a 13-year-old and thinking it would be a good idea to neck the bottle. It didn’t end well.

Sporting hero
Has to be Freddie Flintoff. I love cricket and the man is a legend.

Current favourite album
There is a French band called Forever Pavot. Their music has a French cinematic film noir type of feel and is a bit psychedelic. It is really interesting—a bit left field. Not for everyone, but I like exploring different types of music.

Best ever gig
I saw Nick Cave in Victoria Park and it was incredible. He is an amazing performer with a fantastic band. He has great interaction with the crowd. It was just a mind-blowing night.

Favourite thing about London
I love the diversity of the city, the multiple options. You can do anything you can imagine. Other cities offer that as well, but London does it in a unique and special way.

Least favourite thing about London
The cost of some things. I grew up here but the chances of living here when I’m older are slim because places to live are so expensive. I hate the way that the politicians have allowed this situation to develop. If they made it a bit cheaper for young people trying to make it in the world this would be an even greater city.

Way to relax
I have a little studio and like to go there and make music. I just get lost in it and unwind. Sometimes I compose, sometimes friends just come round and jam. It is all very collaborative.

Hangover cure
Bloody mary.