Best of times, worst of times: Richard Boiling

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The likes and dislikes of the stall manager at Bath Soft Cheese

Fantasy job
I used to work in wine and now I work in cheese. I love them both, so have never really thought about a fantasy job somewhere else. I guess that must mean I’m doing it.

Worst job
I worked as a waiter when I was at university to earn some extra money. Some people really enjoy the experience, but I’m afraid I wasn’t one of them. It was a summer job in a not too salubrious hotel, deep in the Suffolk countryside. I was very glad when that summer was over.

Best recent film
Blade Runner 2049. I was really quite nervous about it, because the original Blade Runner is my favourite film. Also, I’m not usually a fan of Ryan Gosling as an actor but I thought he was very good in this. It was a good script and I think they got the feel of the film just right.

Worst recent film
I can’t remember the last bad film I sat through. I have the bad—or probably good—habit of falling asleep if I don’t like a film and by the time I wake up, it’s over.

Fantasy holiday destination
I really love Africa. My sister lives there and so I have travelled the southern part of the continent a bit. I think Namibia is a country that really appeals but I haven’t been to yet. So that is probably top of the list.

Favourite childhood dish
My mother was a very good cook and as children, we always ate what our parents ate. There were never any children-specific dishes in our house, so my favourite was calf’s liver. A lot of children don’t like offal, but I loved things like sweetbreads from a young age.

Least favourite food
I hate bananas. I didn’t like them as a child and still don’t like them now.

Best recent home cooked meal
That was prawns in a spicy arrabbiata sauce with some angel hair pasta. The sauce had a nice kick to it.

Best recent restaurant dish
I was in Italy in a small restaurant in Sienna. I had veal scaloppini, but the scaloppini was not as we would think of it here—this was a whole fillet which had been cooked very slowly. It was absolutely delicious.

Worst kitchen disaster
I’m not sure if it is a disaster because people had a good time, but I had invited friends round for dinner and we were all enjoying the alcohol so much that I forgot to give them anything to eat. When I came down the next morning all the food was still in the oven, ruined. They still rib me about hosting a dinner party where no dinner was involved.

Favourite school subject
I really loved maths. I suppose because I was good at it.

Worst school subject
History. Partly because the history teacher had a lazy eye, so you could never tell when you were being watched. That led to more than a few telling-offs.

Sporting hero
That would be the cricketer Graham Gooch. He was one of our greatest opening batsmen, England captain, and for a while England’s highest test match run scorer.

Sporting villain
That would be either Steve Waugh, who was the Australian cricket team test captain, or his brother Mark. I’d better stop there.

Favourite thing about London
The diversity here is amazing. There is so much to do, you are just never bored.

Worst thing about London
Easy—travelling by tube. Commuting on the tube is a really unpleasant necessity.

Hangover cure
Paracetamol, a chocolate bar and an energy drink.