Best of times, worst of times: Rosie Wilson Sidlauskas

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The likes and dislikes of Rosie of Mini Magoo

Fantasy job
To be dancing every day—starting the day with a sauna, then a class, and touring around the world with the theatre. I am freelancing as a dancer at the moment, working here at the Market part time. I do Thai yoga massage as well. Every week is very different. I don’t live by a set routine.

Worst ever job
I’ve always picked my jobs well, so I’ve never really done anything I didn’t like. If I had to say, the worst job for me was probably working in a bar. I did it for two months just to get some money together to go to Brazil to see a friend. Being around alcohol and serving it is not for me. Some people thrive in that environment, but I don’t want that same local calling me every day! No. I was like, I’m out of here.

Favourite holiday destination
Brazil was definitely one of my favourites. I went to Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana beach. Also, when I went to Senegal, just off the coast is Gorée Island. Loads of the locals there make stuff from the ocean, they recycle everything, they paint. The island holds a lot of history as well, with the slave trade, so it’s a very interesting place to be. Luckily, with this flexible job, I get to travel a lot.

Favourite childhood dish
My mum’s shepherd’s pie.

Signature dish
I’m really into Indian dishes: thali, lentils, or momos, which are Nepalese dumplings.

Best recent meal
My friend Dharms cooked me an amazing dish of spicy chicken with rice, warm spinach—I’m not sure what you call it in the Indian tradition, but you cook the spinach in chilli and turmeric—and potatoes. Dharmesh is a very good cook.

Worst kitchen disaster
I’ve got the pepper mill, and I’m grinding pepper on top of the dish—the pepper mill broke. It went all over the food. I took time to pick out the peppercorns, but it ruined the dish. I can’t even remember what the dish was—it overpowered it so much I can only remember the taste of pepper.

Favourite drink
H₂0! I really love water, and drinking it after a workout—running, boxing or dancing, I’m very active—it’s the best feeling ever. I really like grape juice, too.

Favourite thing about London
That it’s diverse. One of my favourite things is Hampstead Heath, it’s a cool place—I love that area, it’s beautiful. I was lucky enough to live there for one year. It was magical just walking up Parliament Hill, Highgate. I used to cycle around on a bike selling ice lollies, so I know that area really well!

Worst thing about London
The tube. I should bike more, but where to put the bike?!

Biggest bugbear
People’s lack of awareness and courtesy—I’m not saying we have to smile and hug each other every day, but just noticing and being aware of others. And people being impatient. That annoys me. You have to be patient in London.

Favourite way to relax
A warm bath with loads of epsom salts, oils and candles. Or getting a massage—that’s the easiest way to relax. Or just breathing well.

Hangover cure
I’m not a big drinker. I do get hangovers—but it’s very rare. When I was in Brazil, I spent one day very hungover. They do lots of caipirinhas, and I was drinking and drinking them like, oh I love this lime juice! I didn’t realise it had alcohol in it. The next day, I could not walk. I don’t really drink, so I was bad. Hangover cure? Maybe a green juice. Or eat good food. Actually, just bed.