A familiar favourite from Konditor & Cook

“We’ve definitely had Konditor and Cook brownies for Friday feeling before. Definitely,” clamoured the office. “No. We’ve eaten loads, but not written about them. Look.” Colleague with the craving pointed—and sure enough, in our quest to find Borough’s best treats, we’d missed the most familiar one of all.

Dark, dense, riddled with nuggets of chocolate chunks and crowned with smooth swirls of cream cheese, Konditor and Cook’s brownies have hit the spot for celebrations and commiserations for years. They cried out for Friday feeling. Thus, apologising profusely to colleague with a craving, we duly sallied forth to the bakery on Stoney Street.

“We also call it a cheesecake brownie,” says Maria, baker of the curly whirly—our favourite of Konditor and Cook’s brownies. “The topping is made with really strong cream cheese from a small place in York.” Closer inspection reveals the dense, slightly lemony cheese to be flecked with black specks.

An overgrown truffle
“They are not dusty,” Maria laughs, “though some people think they are. These are vanilla seeds scraped from real vanilla pods and mixed with the cheese.” The sponge beneath is gooey, intensely chocolatey, yet still cake-like enough to justify it being a brownie as opposed to an overgrown truffle. “We use 50 to 70 per cent cocoa chocolate from Belgium,” Maria explains.

The rest is plain flour, organic eggs, sugar and “passion, lots and lots of passion,” Maria laughs. Personally she prefers the Boston brownie, studded with cranberries. “Our founder was inspired by the cranberry plantations when he visited North America. He thought they looked like red seas.”

The tartness of the cranberry cancels out the brownie’s sweetness, just like the cheese on the curly whirly which, together with a cuppa, reminds us once again that Konditor and Cook brownies are for life—whatever the day of the week.